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For those of you that live near the lake in Mississauga looking for a special place where you can get great authetic Thai food, Thai Signature Restaurant is the place. Located at 203 Lakeshore Road East in Mississauga, this unassuming spot features a tropical theme designed to make you feel as though you're in Thailand even during the coldest Canadian winter days. The comfortable interior and soft lighting, combined with lots of plants and Thai decorations makes for an absolutely wonderful dining experience.

Thai Signature was opened in 2007 and is co-owned by the manager and the chef who are both from Thailand and have been involved in the restaurant business for over twenty years. The chef brought her friend from Thailand to help in the kitchen and tries to stay true to real Thai cooking.

Since opening, Thai Signature has gained a following of local regulars who visit often, including one couple who started coming to the restaurant right after it opened, and now have a kid who is about the same age as the restaurant. The regulars are mostly people who live in the area, and also some kids from a nearby school who enjoy coming for the lunch specials.

Thai Iced Tea

We started with this Thai favourite. If you like sweet things that this will definitely meet with your satisfaction. Thai iced tea is a sweet drink made with tea and sweetened with sugar and condensed milk. An absolutely delicious treat!

Three Kinds of Rice

Thai signature prides itself on offering three different kinds of rice to suit everyone's taste. Brown, jasmine and coconut rice are all available depending on what you like.

Deep Fried Tofu and Taro

A lovely vegetarian appetizer, this dish combined deep-fried tofu which were crispy on the outside and soft inside, and breaded deep-fried taro which had an excellent texture and flavour. A tangy dipping sauce made the entire dish quite delightful.


Calamari is popular in Thailand owing to the strong seafood industry. This calamari was crispy and fresh and perfectly cooked. Served with both a sweet chili sauce and a mustard sauce.

Glass Noodle Salad

This delicious salad served cold comes with both chicken and shrimp, served with glass noodles and raw veggies. A lovely combination of textures and flavours.

Papaya Salad

Thai Signature's version of this classic Thai dish, we loved the crunch of the papaya. Topped with carrot and made with a rather spicy dressing, this salad was very refreshing!

Tamarind Fish

This special dish is served with basa fish fillet in a special tamarind sauce with vegetables. The dish was full of flavour!

Green Curry with Vegetables

This hearty curry was made with veggies, and served over rice. The curry had an amazingly rich flavour. Also available with meat, seafood or tofu.

The fine folks at Thai Signature Restaurant are doing great things in Mississauga. If you're in the area we highly recommend checking them out. Their friendly staff, excellent food and relaxing atmosphere will impress you!

Visit Thai Signature online:

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