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The Thai SELECT is a mark of certification awarded by Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government, to guarantee the authenticity of Thai restaurants and Thai food products, meaning the food being served or merchandised has been prepared with proper ingredients and spices in the traditional Thai style of cooking.

The objective of the program is to increase the recognition of quality Thai restaurants and Thai food products as well as to encourage Thai restaurant operators and food producers to raise the quality of their products and services while maintaining authenticity.


The Thai SELECT symbol is divided into two clusters;


1. Thai Restaurants Given to restaurants in four categories, assessed by type of restaurant, decoration, and level of food and service excellence.


1.1 Thai SELECT Signature Granted to restaurants that serve authentic Thai food with a taste of premium quality, refined decoration and excellent service. The restaurants bearing this symbol well present outstanding Thai culinary image and the unique character of Thai food.


​Thai SELECT Signature

1.2 Thai SELECT Classic Awarded to Thai restaurants of excellent quality. The Thai foods offered have standard taste of authentic Thai Cuisine with considerably good service. Overall, diners feel these restaurants offer good value for money.


​Thai SELECT Classic

1.3 Thai SELECT Casual (Overseas only) Given to Thai restaurants offering Thai foods with Thai taste but have limited services. They vary from simple setups that are small in size, offering convenience to diners such as fast food restaurants or food outlets at a food court, to restaurants with limited or no seating, including food trucks or food stalls.


​Thai SELECT Casual

1.4 Thai SELECT UNIQUE (Domestic Only) Granted to restaurants in Thailand that offer Thai food local uniqueness such as Southern Thai food, Northern Thai food, and etc.


​Thai SELECT Unique

2. Thai SELECT Products Awarded to Thai food products such as instant Thai curries, condiments, and Thai desserts that have been prepared in the traditional and authentic Thai style, are easily recognizable as Thai food, possess world-class standard packaging and still maintain good quality when they reach consumers


​Thai SELECT Products

Privileges for Thai SELECT Members
(Thai food products And Thai restaurants abroad)
  1. An access to promote your business Brand and products on Thai SELECT website and Thai SELECT mobile application.

  2. An opportunity to exhibit your products at Thai SELECT showcases and/or international trade fairs free of charge

  3. An opportunity to participate in DITP’s development and promotional activities.

  4. 50% discount on participation fees at DITP’s Overseas Trade Fairs (Up to three times within one year).

  5. Free media coverage through DITP domestic and oversea media channels.

  6. A shortlist for DITP’s trade inquiries and/or business matching events.


To be Thai SELECT Product Members : You need to…..
  1. Be a company registered with the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce

  2. Be a Thai Exporter with own trademark or brand which is registered with the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce

  3. Own ready-to-serve/ready-to-eat/ready-to-cook Thai processed food products (including curry paste, sauce, dipping sauce, and dessert) which are manufactured in Thailand.

  4. Own Thai Food Products accredited with global food standards.

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