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  • by: Andrew Kilpatrick


Thai Senses is a lovely restaurant located at 2450 Lakeshore Road West in the Bronte neighbourhood of Oakville Ontario. The owner Tanya Tan and her staff offer amazing service and food seven days per week. Since opening in 2007 Thai Senses has built a loyal following including regulars Bill and Sam shown in the photo below. Located in a quaint building near the lake, this is a perfect place for a relaxing dinner or to host an event.

We were seated in the rear diningroom which overlooks the parking lot and had a cool lake breeze blowing in. Their Thai kitchen staff prepare all kinds of favourite dishes but they are particularly known for red snapper, and dishes flavoured with cashet nuts. On holidays you are likely to find the option of a set menu, and daily from 3:30-5:00 is happy hour where there are special deals to be had. Private parties can also be booked with space for up to 100 guests.

Apart from having a delicious meal we were also intrigued by the offering of Thai jewery, silk and handicrafts which were available for purchase. All of these items are hand picked and imported from Thailand and remind me of similar items that can be found in the vast markets in Bangkok.

So how was the food? It was unique and absolutely delicious! It was clear that the chefs were not just doing typical Thai fare, but really creating their own signature presentations and tastes.

Galangal in Coconut Cream Soup

We started off with this delicious soup which can be served with or without shrimp. Galangal is a plant related to but tasting different from ginger. The soup had a very hearty taste and the mushrooms added a nice texture along with the soup.

Appetizer Plate

The appetizer plate consists of mango salad in an edible rice paper bowl. A chicken satay sits on a bed of shredded carrot. (the veggie version came with a fresh roll instead) The dish is finished off with a spring roll wrapped in a cucumber slice. Each bite was absolutely delicious.

Spicy Fish

The deep-fried fish consists of a red snapper served with Thai sweet chili sauce. The mild, tasty and light dish makes it one of the most popular at the restaurant. The crispy basil leaves on top were a fun and unexpected garnish.

Panang Shrimp

Not often do you see such large shrimps! Tiger shrimp topped with panang curry is not only a mouth-watering but also divine dish! This sophisticated plate tastes perfect!

Steamed Curry Vegetable

This very lovely medium spicy dish consists of curried vegetable served in bowls made from banana leaves. The small portion is actually quite filling and the presentation is really something you don't see every day.

Mango with Sticky Rice

For desert I had mango with sticky rice. I really enjoyed the presentation and the mango was perfectly ripe. The sticky rice was perfect and the portion size was just right.

Coconut Trio

We also tried the coconut trio which consists of coconut ice cream, coconut sticky ride and coconut jelly. A rich combination topped with cashew nuts on top is a perfect way to end a meail!

Thai Senses is a lovely place with very friendly staff who are interested in making your meal very special. If you are in the Oakville area and looking for an excellent meal, try Thai Senses.

Visit Thai Senses online:

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