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Situated at 4100 Albion Road in Gloucester Ontario, just east of the Ottawa Airport lies the Pinn-To Thai food truck. Serving up freshly-made Thai favourites for the past three years at a spot you'd naturally expect greasy fries or hamburgers. But from behind the ordering window within the tiny kitchen comes delicious and healthy Thai food made the right way. The word "Pinn-To" means "lunch box" in Thai... it also sounds a bit like "Bento" in Japanese... see the similarity?

Chef Chanon and his business partner Martin offer up lunch and dinner every day except Sunday. Offering take-away as well as dining-in at the small covered table or at the lovely picnic tables outside during the warmer months. The owners also run Sala Thai restaurant in town run by Chanon and Martin's wives offering a very similar menu. We were told that many regulars visit both restaurants often.

Pad Ma-khua Yow - Tofu Eggplant

We tried the tofu eggplant which was very tasty! A bit spicy, this dish had a delicious sauce and a hint of basil. The eggplant was perfectly cooked, and the tofu was nice and crispy outside. The rest of the veggies were very fresh and made for an excellent lunch.

Gang Garee Gai - Chicken with Potatoes

This dish came with a delicious cumin curry and a generous portion of rice. This is a solid curry very similar to the taste you would find in Thailand. The chicken was tender and the fresh ingredients really stand out. With a bit of coconut flavour and a bold taste, this is Pinn-To's signature dish.

Whether you live or work in the area or just passing by, the Pinn-To food truck is a great place to get a quick and healthy meal. Why not take home food for your entire family? Pinn-To is open from 11 until 2 and 4:30 until 7:30 weekdays and Saturday from 4:30 until 7:30. They close during January but are otherwise open year-round.

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