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Salad King Thai Food

Let’s Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Salad King Thai Food. On Thursday 22nd September. Located in downtown Toronto on 340 Yonge Street, Second Floor! Salad King Restaurant is one of our Thai Select Award winners Thai Select award is only given to the restaurants that use traditional Thai cooking techniques combined with original sauce and ingredients.

Congratulations! We were there to celebrate their success and share their happiness.

Salad King also took advantage of this great opportunity and organized a charity event to raise money for Second Harvest, a non-profit organization that helps children and families and neighbors facing hunger in the heartland while celebrating this milestone (FREE with donation of $5-$10 per person at the door)

We enjoyed their delicious Mango and Cucumber Salad, Panang Curry,Pad Thai and Bangkok Stir Fry. Fabulous! They are well deserved to be one of the renowned Thai Select restaurants. We wish them many many years with success and great Thai Food.

Check it out on

From the left Salad King Thai food’s owner: Mr. Alan Liu (Managing Director), Mrs. Linda & Mr. Ernest Liu (Owner) and Mr.Chaiwut K. (Marketing of Thai Consulate Commercial)

25th years Anniversary!

WOW! So Many customers joined the event and they all love Thai Food.

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