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Pick Thai restaurant is a unique fine dining experience serving authentic Thai food in a gorgeous interior. Located at 5221 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest in the Westmount area of Montreal this gem offers excellent food and service as well as take-out if you're in a hurry.

Owner Vilay moved from Laos to Canada with her family as a teenager. After a career as a nurse she decided to open a restaurant to share some of her favourite dishes and bring a quality dining experience to the neighbourhood. With a beautiful interior created by an Italian designer blending modern style with Thai decorations and themes, two dining rooms offer seating for up to 100. Private parties are also available.

The owner told us that she personally prepares the curries and soup broths and does not use MSG, preferring to rely on high quality ingredients to produce the desired flavours. Although the menu contains a variety of meat, seafood and veggie choices, they have chosen not to serve any pork. We were told that quality of the food is the top priority of the restaurant, and this definitely comes through in the taste and presentation of the dishes.

Yam Sen Rall - Vermicelli Salad

We started with the vemicelli salad which has a very fresh tasting sauce and a hint of coriander. Very fresh crunchy vegetables are served with a bit of chili and lime for a unique flavour. Definitely a great dish to start the meal.

Thod Talay Katiem

This dish consists of breaded fried shrimp and spiced veggies. The shrimp was very aromatic and uses real Thai spices and herbs to give it a unique flavour. The shrimp were a nice size and very fresh.

Pad Paa - Tofu and Veggies

This delicious dish was a bit spicy but very flavourful. Served with real Thai basil, the strips of tofu were perfectly cooked and had a nice chewy texture. The veggies were crunchy and the sauce was rich and hearty. Served over rice this dish made a great meal.

We definitely enjoyed visiting Pick Thai. The ambiance, service and food were all excellent. We particularly liked the presentation of the food. The dining room was fancy but you won't feel the need to dress up to have a comfortable meal. Pick Thai is a great place for a casual dinner out or a date with someone special. New menu items are coming soon.

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