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What do you think of when you hear the words "Thai food"? Pad Thai? Maybe coconut curry or red curry? Those are some of the usual suspects, but did you know that a great number of people in Thailand primarily eat Guay Tiew, or "noodle soup"? Not often seen on Thai menus in Canada, Thai Noodle was established in 2004 with the goal of introducing Toronto to this less well-known type of Thai dish.

Located at 62 Vaughan Road near Bathurst and Saint Clair, Thai Noodle has been offering Thai noodle soup as well as other Thai dishes in the current location since 2004. A complete renovation took place a few years ago giving Thai Noodle a clean modern interior that should make any urban eater feel at home. The music is a mix of English and Thai pop music. There is a fish tank on the counter and a TV in one corner. The place feels like a nice local spot that I'm sure is the go-to place for a lot of folks that live nearby.

Steamed Fish in Lime Sauce

There is a word in Thai called "Zap!" which means zesty. This is the perfect way to describe this dish, made with steamed fresh fish and an intense Thai seafood topping. This new creation might not even be on the menu yet, but you can ask for it by name. You will not be disappointed!

Thai Hot Sauce Salmon Filet

This fresh fish dish can be ordered in medium or mild spiciness with sweet sauce on the side. The hot sauce adds a sweet flavour that complements the fish perfectly.

Guay Tiew Yen Ta Fo

Loads of fresh seafood, you are sure to find your favourite plus be introduced to a new flavour of red bean tomato paste. The soup has a rich flavour that will please any seafood-loving appetite. This is rare dish to find even at authentic Thai restaurants! A must try!

Lychee Curry with Tofu

You might have had curry before, but you probably haven't experienced the unique medley of red curry mixed with lychee. This sweet fruit is abundant in Thailand. Normally eaten by itself is a cool treat, but combined with this hot dish adds a unique taste that you will surprise you!

Guay Tiew Ruer

We were told that the guay tiew ruer is Thai Noodle's signature dish. With meat, meatballs, basil and bean sprouts in a delicious soup base, this dish is literally bursting with flavour. Meat lovers will not be disappointed!

If you're in the neighbourhood and looking for something absolutely delicious, or want to experience some authentic noodle dishes from Thailand, this is the place! The owner ? and her staff are super friendly and would love to see you! I definitely enjoyed my evening at Thai Noodle!

Visit Thai Noodle online:

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