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  • by: Andrew Kilpatrick

TASTE OF THAI SELECT: Sukhothai Restaurant

If you were just driving by you might not even know that, nestled in amongst plazas in the outskirts of Napean Ontario is one of the best Thai restaurants around. Located at 2134 Robertson Road in Napean, Sukhothai Restaurant has been serving authentic Thai cuisine since 2000. The husband and wife team of Anuwatt and Chadchalee Sinhaseni has been in Canada for over twenty years, and they opened Sukhothai, first in a nearby mall, and then in the current 54 seat location about eight years ago.

When you first pull in to the Sukhothai parking lot, the building looks fairly unassuming from the outside, but inside is a quaint diningroom with many Thai decorations and warm colours. All the wait staff wear traditional Thai costumes which adds to the experience. When we arrived on a Friday night at 6:45pm it was already quite busy. Most of the patrons seemed like regulars. In an area where most restaurants are chains or fast food, Sukhothai offers a fresh and delicious alternative.

The food at Sukhothai is proper Thai food done in the traditional way, with a few interesting twists. The presentation is elegant and portion size is just right. I highly recommend trying the lemongrass tea, it was excellent! The service was always quick and efficient.

Pho-Pia Goong and Pho-Pia Pak

Crunchy, fresh, mild yet tasty. (you don't really need the plum sauce!)

Pad Thai

Rice noodles are chewy, Shrimps are fresh. Nice sweet and sour taste. Try to sprinkle it with a bit of dried flake chilli and a splash of lime for complete palate.

Pad Bai Gra Prow Tao Hu

This dish had great flavour and was slightly spicy. Lots of fresh vegetables and lots of tofu made for a very hearty taste. Rice was perfectly cooked and had a nice texture.

Gang Khua Sap Parod

Pineapple sweetness fused with rich and creamy coconut curry flavour. Mild, everyone can enjoy! The pineapple serving dish and tiny umbrella makes you feel as though you're actually sitting on a beach in Thailand enjoying this delicious treat!

Goong Pad Med Ma Muang

Fresh shrimps stir-fried with chilli paste so perfectly that you can actually taste the smoky flavour from the shrimp. The meat was firm and chewy, and the sauce is sweet and salty which blended with the cashew flavour nicely.

The entire staff at Sukhothai were very friendly, and we thouroughly enjoyed the food and service. The owner told us that he enjoys what he does and just wants to maintain his standards and continue offering quality and great tasting food. Whether you're passing through or if you live in the area and just haven't stumbled upon Sukhothai yet, it's definitely worth a visit!

Check out Sukhothai online:

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