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Probably one of the longest established Thai restaurants in the Toronto area, Green Mango has been offering traditional Thai food in the same location since 1995. Located at 3006 Bloor Street West near Royal York in Etobicoke, Green Mango offers West-enders a delicious menu in a gorgeous diningroom.

We visited and were greeted by Tom who is the manager and has been involved with Green Mango since the 90s. The restaurant underwent a full renovation about two years ago. Although I haven't seen the "before" pictures, the "after" results are absolutely lovely. A cozy and nicely lit diningroom occupies most of the place, with a small bar and kitchen at the back. The dining area is divided into different zones, so despite the rather large space, each area feels quite comfortable. Nicely selected Thai decorations, art, and Thai words adorn the walls.

Rose in the Thorns

This unique salad is a blend of foods that normally don't hang out together. Thai cooks love to mix things up! You'll love the grilled scallops mixed with pineaple, manderin oranges and zesty dressing made with lemongrass.

Tamarind Prawn

This delicious looking presentation is made with fried prawns and served with a tasty sweet and sour tamarind sauce. This is one of the most popular dishes at Green Mango.

Thai Crepe

This hearty dish is a great veggie option. The wrap was made of egg with onions and there were fresh and tasty vegetables and tofu inside. The sweet and sour sauce added to the savoury dish and made for a very satisfying meal. The side salad was fresh and crisp.

Visit Green Mango online:

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