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  • by: Andrew Kilpatrick

TASTE OF THAI SELECT: Nimman Thai Cuisine

Nimman Thai Cuisine is a fairly new addition to the Thai restaurante scene in Toronto, having been established only two years ago. Located at 2451 Lake Shore Boulevard West in Etobicoke this unassuming place is a family business run by a young sister and brother team and fueled by a passion for great food. Rujipong Boonyuen is the chef and has been interested in cooking and has helped out in restaurants run by his family in both Canada and Thailand since he was a kid.

Located in a small plaza, Nimman has a modest diningroom decorated in a minimalist modern style. With ample parking out front and large windows overlooking a park and a view of the lake out back it's really a great setting for a lovely dinner. The main diningroom seats about 40 people, and the owners have recently taken the adjacent unit which they are making into another space for private parties or more seating on busier evenings.

Pad Thai Hor Kai

Since Nimman was voted one of the top 10 places in Toronto for Pad Thai by we figured it would be a great idea to try it. Their pad thai hor kai which literally means "pad thai wrapped in egg" contained chicken and shrimp. It had both chicken breast and tiger shrimp as well as a perfect blend of fresh vegetables topped with ground peanuts.

Massaman Curry

According to CNN, massaman curry is the world's #1 most delicious food, and Nimman's version lived up to expecation. It had an incredible spicy coconut curry flavour which was spicy, sweet and savoury all at the same time. The potatoes were a really interesting addition not often found in Thai food. The tofu and fresh veggies were all perfectly cooked. It was served with rice which made for a filling and satisfying meal!


A flavourful salad made with tiger shrimp, mint leaves, basil and red onions, this zesty salad had a truly authentic Thai taste with a very intense flavour.

It was refreshing to visit Nimman and see a relatively new restaurant doing so well and sharing such passion and enthusiasm for Thai food. If you're in the west end and looking for something interesting to eat, Nimman Thai Cuisine is sure you surprise you!

Visit Nimman Thai Cuisine online:

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