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Authentic Thai restaurants are rather new to the Canadian restaurant scene with the first places appearing less than thirty years ago, usually in big cities. But fast forward until today and places like Toronto have Thai food on offer in most neighbourhoods. Now Thai restaurant owners are looking beyond the metropolitan areas for places to set up shop. This is exactly the story behind Thai Dish, where a husband and wife team got tired of running their business in the big city and decided to move somewhere a bit quieter.

After a false start in Grimsby Ontario, couple Nida and Dang were on a scenic drive around the area when they stumbled upon a For Lease sign along East Main Street in Welland Ontario and decided to take a peek. The landlord happened to be around and they quickly fell in love with the location. The Grimsby place was sold and they opened Thai Dish at 119 East Main Street in Welland. That was two years ago and they've been steadily growing their business since then.

The decor is all designed and built by Nida's husband Dang, either made by hand or with decorative pieces imported from Thailand. The place feels roomy and clean with both a front and rear entrance and parking at the back.

Tuesdays are senior's day with a 10% discount, and there are also often coupons included with take-out menus for special deals.

Crab Rangoon

Deep-fried egg rolls with crab meat, green onions and cream cheese. Served with a sweet dipping sauce. Nice and crispy with perfectly cooked meat inside. The dipping sauce added a nice contrast.

Royal Pad Thai

Real authentic Pad Thai, made with rice noodles, tiger shrimp, chicken, tamarind, vegetables and crushed peanuts. The entire dish is wrapped in a thin egg wrap and served with a fresh salad on the side just like in Thailand. The noodles were perfectly cooked and the flavour was perfect and not too spicy. Definitely a must try!

Cashew Nut Tofu

A vegetarian dish worth its weight in gold, cashew nut tofu has of course cashews and tofu, served with rice and vegetables in a rich tasting orange flavoured sauce. This dish tasted fresh and hearty.

Only a few years ago Nada and Dang were just driving through looking at the scenic town of Welland, and now they are part of the town and its culture, bringing their love of authentic Thai cooking to its residents. If you are looking for an absolutely delightful dinner, or if you work nearby and are looking for something new for lunch, pay Thai Dish a visit and you won't be disappointed.

Visit Thai Dish online:

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