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Probably without even trying Golden Thai succeeds at being one of the oldest Thai restaurants in Toronto and possibly even Canada. Located at 105 Church Street at Richmond in downtown Toronto, Golden Thai has been serving up authentic Thai food since 1991.

We had a lovely chat with owner Kiem Thung who explained the history of the restaurant. Mr. Thung moved to Canada in the late 60s from Indonesia and opened an Indonesian restaurant around 1976. Everything was going well until the late 80s when a recession hurt the business. He reopened in 1991 but this time decided to focus on authentic Thai cuisine, which they have been serving in the same location ever since.

The restaurant has a very bright and lovely diningroom with large windows overlooking both Richmond and Church streets, and high ceilings that make the place feel very spacious. With white table cloths and attentive table service, Golden Thai is the perfect place to bring an important client, or a special someone.

Cold Rolls with Chicken

These cold rolls have marinated chicken, egg and pickled carrot and are served with a sweet sauce. Very fresh tasting! A great start to a meal.

Green Curry Tempeh

Although Golden Thai has mostly kept the same menu since they opened, they are starting to introduce new dishes to appeal to more diverse tastes. For vegetarians looking for something different the green curry tempeh combines traditional Thai curry with a bit of an Indonesian twist. Tempeh is very popular in Indonesia and a great alternative to tofu.

Cashew Nut Chicken

The cashew nut chicken has lots of chicken mixed with delicious cashews, served with vegetables and rice. The chicken had a very rich and smokey flavour.

Spicy Beef Salad

If you are looking for something with a bit of a kick, the spicy beef salad comes with slices of tender beef served with vegetables and a delicious spicy dressing.

Khungey Fried Rice

A Golden Thai house special, the Khungey Fried Rice includes spicy fish and anchovies stir-fried with rice. Served with fresh raw veggies and an orange slice on the side.

Coconut Ice Cream / Durian Ice Cream

For desert we tried both coconut and durian ice creams. (coconut ice cream pictured) Both ice creams are made in house from real fruit. Although I generally avoid durian, the durian ice cream was really good! The coconut had a great flavour also and was a nice end to our meal.

If you frequent the east side of downtown Toronto and looking for a solid meal served by a talented team of chefs, then Golden Thai is definitely worth a visit.

Visit Golden Thai online:

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