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If you travel along Queenston Street in St. Catherines Ontario you'll notice Chang Noi's brightly decorated food truck as you drive by. But the majority of customers at Chang Noi enjoy their full service diningroom or take-out and delivery service. Located in a quiet plaza at 225 Queenston Street, Chang Noi offers authentic Thai cuisine that everyone will enjoy.

Opened in 2009 Chang Noi offers delicious Thai food and an impressive attention to detail. Chang Noi's manager / owner Usa stresses the importance of doing things right, and keeping the food authentic to Thai tradition, yet making the presentation feel familiar to those with a more North American palate. They do this by integrating the spices and herbs into each dish instead of just adding them on top, and by offering wine and beer suggestions for each menu item for those new to Thai flavours.

The food truck was purchased in 2014 and initially made the rounds at festivals and special events, but this year the team decided to focus on the restaurant itself and the truck is now only used for private parties and catering.

The diningroom is spacious and comfortable featuring decorations from Thailand and fancy table settings not often found in Thai restaurants. A private diningroom is also available for special occasions.

Chang Noi has built up a local following of regulars and wine aficionados. After all, St. Catherines is firmly situated in the popular Niagara wine-making region and this fact is not lost on the Chang Noi team. Each dish can be served with a wine pairing suggested by the head chef. They feature many locally produced wines and also offer low corking fees for those folks who would rather bring their own.

One of the main aspects that Chang Noi is most proud of is the freshness of the ingredients and the fact that everything is made from scratch, including even drying and roasting chilis. And speaking of chili, if you're worried that Thai food is too spicy, Chang Noi has their own chili scale with a range from 0-5, or all the way from no chili to "passport to Thailand"!

Chang Noi Celebration

Good for four people, this appetizer comes with hand-made calamari, house-made springrolls, shrimp rolls and garden salad rolls. The garden salad rolls are named after St. Catherines which is called the "Garden City". These tasted very nice with the sweet chili sauce.

Chang Noi's Pad Thai

Made with chicken, shrimp, eggs, bean sprouts, tofu and peanuts in a special Pad Thai sauce, wrapped in a thin sheet of egg. There was a hint of lime and sweet flavour. The bean sprouts were nice and crispy.

Traditional Pad Thai

Similar to the Chang Noi Pad Thai, the Traditional Pad Thai is made with a tamarind puree and bean sprouts on top. Served a bowl.

Royal Authentic Pad Thai

We are told that the Royal Pad Thai contains a secret ingredient! Instead of traditional flat Pad Thai noodles, the Royal Pad Thai comes with glass noodles and contains radish and red onions. The taste is light and great if you're looking for something extra healthy and refreshing.

Meat lovers Trio

If you love meat, this trio for two people starts off with Som Tam Thai (green papaya salad), followed by two main courses: Pad Thai and Cashew Nut Chicken served with jasmine rice.

Som Tam Thai - Green Papaya Salad

“Gai Pad Ma-Muang Himmapan” Cashew Nut Chicken

"Nam Tok" - "Som Tam" (Gluten-free)

These two tasty salad dishes and Singha Beer are a great combo!

“Nam Tok” authentic Spicy warm Salad

A Trio of Vegetarian Dishes

If you're looking for a great vegetarian meal, Chang Noi will not leave you disappointed. The apple salad is made with seasonal apples and a house made dressing and had a deliciously fresh flavour. The drunken elephant noodles are made with fresh vegetables and a spicy basil sauce. The red curry eggplant is a red curry made with tofu and eggplant and vegetables in an aromatic red curry sauce, served with coconut scented jasmine rice topped with coconut milk.

If you want a truly memorable experience and incredible food, check out Chang Noi. They have a talented team of chefs and friendly servers who would love to see you!

Visit Chang Noi online:

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