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  • by: Andrew Kilpatrick

TASTE OF THAI SELECT: Bangkok Spoon Deluxe

Bangkok Spoon Deluxe is a gorgeous restaurant located in the lovely town of Dundas Ontario. The atmosphere and food are both top rate, and judging by how busy the place was when we visited, it looks like many locals enjoy Bangkok Spoon Deluxe as much as we did. Located at 57 King Street West in Dundas Ontario this place is definitely a must-try for anyone in the area.

The original Bangkok Spoon opened on the Danforth in Toronto in the 2000s by a young husband and wife team from Thailand. After a number of successful years they wanted to expand, but the Toronto market felt saturated and space was at a premium so they started traveling around southern Ontario to find a new location. In 2009 they stumbled upon a closed-down diner in Dundas Ontario which apparently was once THE place to go back in the 70s. But after the husband of the couple that ran it passed away, the wife closed the door, leaving the inside untouched other than dusting for over 35 years before her passing. Through a lucky turn of events our couple eventually convinced the children to let them open Bangkok Spoon Deluxe. The Deluxe name, original (yet updated) sign and a jukebox on the bar pay tribute to the original place.​

Pork Rib with Black Pepper Sauce

This peppery tasting dish has delicious pork ribs cooked to perfection and served with a delicious gravy and vegetables. Look at all those peppercorns!

Flaming Mussels

One of Bangkok Spoon Deluxe's signature dishes, the flaming mussels is not a dish you will find anywhere else. With a slightly sweet sauce and a firm, fresh texture the mussels were perfect. There was a slight licorice taste with a bit of chili and a hint of basil. Not too spicy.

Vegetable Fried Rice

With fresh vegetables and tender pieces of tofu this pyramid-shaped fried rice dish was delicious. A lot of ground pepper made the flavour quite interesting and the veggies were very fresh.

Crispy Egg Noodle with Seafood Gravy

Just look at that medley of seafood! Made with crispy noodles in a sweet black bean gravy, this dish was quite enjoyable. The seafood was perfectly cooked and the gravy complemented the other flavours perfectly.

Panang Tofu

This vegetarian dish served with rice was one of the best veggie dishes we have tried in a long time. A generous amount of perfectly cooked tofu had an amazingly chewy texture that was very enjoyable. The peanut flavour of the panang was full bodied but not overpowering. The seasonal asparagus was definitely a nice touch.

We really enjoyed our visit to Bangkok Spoon Deluxe. Our only wish is that it were closer to where we live! But those of you in the Dundas area who haven't visited yet, you are in for a real treat!

Visit Bangkok Spoon Deluxe online:

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