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TASTE OF THAI SELECT: Georgetown Thai Cuisine

When you think of a small town like Georgetown you probably don't think of authentic Thai food, but that's exactly what's on the menu at Georgetown Thai Cuisine. Located at 76 Main Street South in Georgetown this place has been introducing the locals to the tastes of Thailand for almost ten years.

When two women who had worked together in popular Thai restaurants in Toronto decided they wanted a change of pace, they decided to look for somewhere outside the downtown core. Their friend who is also from Thailand had been a long time resident in Georgetown and convinced them that Georgetown needed a Thai restaurant, and also convinced them to give her a job as the manager. The trio have been running things together since 2006. After two years their original location proved too small so they moved to the existing location.

The diningroom at Georgetown Thai Cuisine is modern and cozy with nice decorations and a high quality feel. The attention to detail is apparent in all aspects of the decor, service and food. The waitresses all wear beautiful traditional Thai dresses which adds to the quality atmosphere.

In a definite attempt to be on the cutting edge of restaurant service, the restaurant offers a special allergy / dietary requirements guide which explains the contents of each type of dish with a simple chart for those who have specific needs or preferences.

Mixed Satay

A great appetizer for sharing, the mixed satay plate has beef, chicken and shrimp skewers with a lovely peanut sauce.

Curry Salad

Definitely a unique dish as far as we can tell, the curry salad contains tofu, pineapple, mixed greens, hard-boiled eggs and a peanut sauce. The dish was crunchy and sweet and the pineapple added an exciting twist to this already fresh tasting plate.

Assorted Appetizer

A great starter to share, the assorted appetizer comes with chicken satay skewers, fresh rolls, spring rolls, shrimp rolls and deep-fried calamari. A peanut sauce and a sweet chili sauce are both included for dipping.

Pad Woo Sen

This traditional Thai dish with tofu, vegetables and glass noodles was absolutely delicious. Glass noodles can often have a bland flavour but this dish was surprisingly full bodied. Definitely a nice vegetarian option.

Red Curry

This delicious red curry served with tofu, vegetables, bamboo shoots and rice on the side was absolutely incredible. The flavour was rich and the vegetables were perfectly cooked.

Stir-fried Asparagus

Here's a dish you don't see very often in Thai restaurants. We are lucky that asparagus is in season. This dish is served with red peppers and mushrooms in a sweet and spicy sauce. There is a hint of cayenne pepper. The mushrooms had an amazing flavour and texture.

Those who live in Georgetown are definitely lucky to have such an incredible restaurant right in the heart of the town. If you are in the area, next time you can't think of what to do for dinner, visit Georgetown Thai Cuisine for a delicious and relaxing meal that will have you coming back for more.

Visit Georgetown Thai Cuisine online:

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