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Just north of the old Markham downtown at 227 Main Street North in Markham is Little Bangkok, a family-owned Thai restaurant with a spacious and relaxing diningroom, great food and friendly staff. Little Bangkok opened about ten years ago. When the Tengtirasakul family moved to Canada from Thailand they originally bought a restaurant in Newmarket, but it grew so fast that it became more than they wanted to handle. They sold it and opened Little Bangkok so they could focus on making great food at their own pace.

The aim of Little Bangkok is to offer traditional Thai food in a comfortable fine dining environment. They also offer take-out and delivery to the local residential neighbourhoods. Their most popular dish is Pad Thai, but they are most proud of their curry. Unlike most restaurants which use mass-produced curry paste, Little Bangkok have their own curry paste custom-made for them in Thailand with fresh Thai ingredients. Their restaurant and chefs have been featured on TV and in a feature article in the Toronto Star.

Thai Iced Tea

The famous drink from Thailand is a favourite because of it's strong sweet taste. This version had just the right amount of sweetness, and we liked how the condensed milk was served on the top.

Mango Salad

This unique presentation of mango salad on top of fried rice paper was delicious! It was nice and sweet with a crunchy texture. Peanuts added a very nice flavour.

Tasty Tofu

This interesting dish is a great vegetarian choice. Served with a sweet chili sauce, the tofu had an excellent chewy texture. The red peppers and coriander add a nice contrast to the sauce. The beautifully decorative carrot was a nice touch.

Spicy Eggplant

The spicy eggplant had a nice flavour and actually wasn't too spicy. The fresh veggies were delicious and the slightly chewy brown rice made this a very hearty dish.

Chu Che

Salmon with a red curry sauce served with rice. The salmon was very light and perfectly cooked. The curry sauce added an excellent flavour that is sure to make this dish a favourite!

Mango Sticky Rice

What a gorgeous presentation! This was a perfect way to top off an already excellent meal. A generous number of mango slices served with sticky rice was very tasty! A great dish to share with a special someone.

If you live near the old Markham downtown or travel through the Markham GO station, check out Little Bangkok. It's a great place to meet for a nice dinner, or to pick up something heathy to take home after work.

Visit Little Bangkok online:

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