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  • by: Andrew Kilpatrick


Situated along a busy stretch of Sheppard Ave in Scarborough is Kub Khao. At first glance you might mistake the place for your average strip mall take-out restaurant, but once you enter you'll realize that this funky modern restaurant is different, and wouldn't be out of place even on a hip downtown street. Located at 3561 Sheppard Ave East in Scarborough, Kub Khao aims to offer authentic local food from all over Thailand.

Since opening in 2016, owners Patrick and Samantha have focused on the dine-in experience and have both an informal front room near the take-out counter, and also a cozier back room able to accommodate larger groups. Patrick says that the place is busiest on weekends with local residents dining out with their whole families. Currently Kub Khao doesn't have a liquor license, but this clearly hasn't kept people away.

Thai Iced Tea

We started with Thai-style iced tea, which is a very popular treat in Thailand. It was nice and milky and not too sweet. It had a caramel sugar taste and was very refreshing.

Moo Ping

These pork skewers are typical street food in Thailand. Starting with tender meat perfectly cooked, this dish is served with a sweet sauce that's not too spicy.

Smoked Chili Fried Rice

We were told that this is one of Kub Khao's signature dishes. Smoked chili fried rice was a unique taste on the more traditional fried rice. It wasn't very spicy and would definitely be a great choice for those looking for a simple dish with a unique twist. A great veggie choice.

Panang Curry with Tofu

Another good vegetarian option is panang curry. Although you can order this dish with different meat options, the rich and complex flavour worked very well with tofu. Add some freshly cooked rice and it makes for a very hearty meal.

Pad See Ew

Another traditional dish, pad see ew consists of wide flat noodles, meat and veggies. The beef had a mild taste and the noodles were slightly chewy would make for a nice combination. The fresh veggies were perfectly cooked an added a nice crunch.

Fried Garlic with Egg (Pork)

Served with tender pork, this dish is exactly what the name suggests: very garlicky! A great medley of tastes and textures, the lettuce added crunch, the rice was soft and fresh, and the fried egg was very good and a nice touch.

If you work in the area, Kub Khao has take-out and sit-down lunch available and also offers several lunch specials. And for dinner, the comfortable dining room is definitely the place to be for a delicious meal out with friends or family.

Make sure to check out Kub Khao in Scarborough. You definitely won't be disappointed!

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