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  • by: Andrew Kilpatrick


The Oakville Entertainment Centrum at Queensway and Winston Churchill seems like an unusual place for an authentic Thai restaurant, but visitors are definitely in for a treat at this spacious spot. So next time you're out for an evening at the movies, why not start off with a wholesome Thai food made in the traditional style?

Owner Ms. Chuencheewan Klungphutsa moved to Canada in 2003 and decided to put her cooking talents to work in the restaurant business. She ran restaurants in Toronto, Newmarket and even Montreal before settling in Oakville and opening SukoThai in 2015. Most of the dishes are the central Thai dishes from Bangkok but they also offer traditional dishes from other areas of Thailand also.

The dining room is decorated in a mix of contemporary style along with traditional Thai art and sculptures. It's a great place to dine before a movie or at lunch, if you happen to work in the area.

Veggie Spring Rolls

We started with veggie spring rolls which are a standard Thai appetizer. The outside was light and crispy and the dipping sauce added a nice flavour. The orange and carrot garnish added some nice colour to the plate.

Basil Veggie Fried Rice

Basil is one of my favourite ingredients in Thai food. Thai basil is a special kind of basil unique to Thai cooking which complements other Thai flavours perfectly. This dish had a mild spiciness and a lovely medley of flavours. The veggies were crunchy which made for a perfect texture with the rest.

Suicidal Fish

If you want to try something a bit more spicy then give this delicious dish a try. The fresh breaded fish are garnished with a spicy cumin yellow curry sauce and served with fresh veggies and rice.

Seven Herb Chicken

With tender chicken and a complex tasting sauce this dish has a rich flavour. The veggies were nicely cooked and the sauce offered a very nice rich taste without being too overpowering. The basil added a nice touch. Coconut rice is served on the side and adds a nice sweet flavour.

Whether you are out for the evening or looking for a healthy and tasty lunch, SukoThai in Oakville is definitely worth a visit. In the fall of 2017 they will begin serving Khao Soi, a northern Thai dish. SukoThai is open every day for lunch and dinner and take reservations, which are recommended on weekends.

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